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Our services: professionalism that never goes out of style.

Fashion is an industry in constant evolution: it requires dynamism and updating. Our services aim to anticipate and adapt to the trends, without forgetting the character of the brand for which we are working: we mainly talks to textile companies and to major international brands for which we develop collections of fabrics for shirts and outerwear man and woman dyed yarn, dyed piece, printed and jacquard.



Our talent: to disappear into the customer’s tangles.

All the solutions we offer are highly personalized and original, to be always up to date and to ensure our customers a highly recognizable imprint: it is important to stand out in a competitive market such as the fashion one. Our commitment is above all to understand the customer’s style and sew on it the project with our support and contribution, but without changing his tone of voice. We realize collections starting from feelings and ideas, by combining our deep textile technical knowledge to a high product engineering. The result are unique collections, sewn on the needs of each single customer.

Services for textile manufacturers


Seasonal moodboards with ideas for colour charts, trends and moods for each season

Design & development of colour combinations

Design & development of quality shirts and outerwear based on seasonal trends and our technical expertise: structures, counts, weaves and production

Seasonal textile collections based on cutting-edge cad systems

Ideas for finishes and treatments to optimise each fabric

Services for international Brands


Creation of personalised colour charts with moodboards and colour orientations

Access to our vast textile archives

Support for customers sourcing fabrics, quality and suppliers

Design & development for yarn-dyed patterns, prints and jacquards with options and precise technical details