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It’s history which makes textile design truly special.

To be truly special, a fabric must spark an emotion and capture something of the brand it represents. But what makes a fabric personal and unique? At Studio Crugnola we’re used to creating empathy with our customers. It’s vital to understand what they’re trying to say, to recognise their needs and requirements. We turn their words into our own, translating every gesture and every expression into warp and weft. To achieve this we create sensory moodboards which outline and illustrate our ideas even before they’re turned into sketches.



Our moodboards: a potpourri of sensations.

Even more than a pattern, sketch or definition, a fabric is a sensation which inspires different emotions in everyone. Through our sensory moodboards we try to illustrate the story we want to tell, showing customers what the finished fabric should feel like to wear even before they see it. To do this we research colours, materials, weights and finishes. As we work we exude energy, interpreting it through movement and unusual sources of inspiration as well as colour. We explore volumes, combining different thread types and counts and working on weaves, reeding and finishes to bring the fabric to life. Everyone experiences sensations differently, so a sensory moodboard helps put our ideas across clearly and vividly.