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Telling tales of textiles: we weave stories, thread by thread.

We’re textile pioneers, visionaries who tell stories thread by thread, weaving tales which begin in our customers’ eyes and end with something they’ve never seen before. We look for inspiration everywhere; we’re alternative; we adore a challenge and our curiosity is boundless. We’re different. We’re narrators who use colour charts to turn the everyday into something new. We interpret sensations, bringing everything a brand can’t find in the marketplace to the loom through our empathy.

We’ll give your story a voice through warp and weft.

Whatever your story, we’ll use warp and weft to give it a voice. We’ve been textile designers for generations; we’re proud of our historical archives, passionate about high standards and painstaking craftsmanship, but we’ve a keen eye for our customers’ everyday needs too. Our pioneering firm never forgets its history but loves telling new stories and giving people what they need: fabrics they can feel passionate about and identify with. We see every project and every collection as a journey to new destinations, an ongoing search for new stories and new sensations.